How it Feels to Float by Helena Fox

How it Feels to Float by Helena Fox

Available May 7, 2019

How it Feels Float is a beautiful and heartbreaking novel about love, loss, friendships, and family.  Elizabeth, better known as Biz, has her best friend Grace, her mom, and her brother and sister-the twins.  She also has her dad, who visits her when she needs him most, except that her dad died when she was young.

Biz has a lot on her mind.  She’s struggling with who she is, who is she attracted to, should she reach out to the new guy, what does she want to do with her life, why does she feel like she can float above herself?  When Grace gets a new boyfriend, Biz feels left behind and confused by all the changes to their core group of friends. After a drunken party, Biz’s rejection of a popular boy turns into slut shaming and rejection by everyone, including Grace.  When Grace finally comes to her senses, her and Biz seek retribution only to find themselves cooling their heels in a jail cell. What follows is a slow spiral into depression where Biz is left completely adrift without anyone or anything to ground her.  

When her mother finally forces her into therapy, Biz begins the slow recovery process of therapy sessions, medication, and a plan for photography classes to try and find some direction with her life.  New friendships and a quest to learn about her father lead Biz on a new path, but it will be a path full of obstacles and heartbreak.

Beautifully written, this novel sucks you on the first page and doesn’t let go until the very end.   I found myself thinking about this novel for days after reading it. It’s an incredible look at mental illness and how we deal with grief through the eyes of a teenager in today’s society.  

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