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The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee

The Downstairs Girl is a fast paced, well written story that tackles racism and sexism while providing an important insight into our nation’s history.  Jo is smart and ambitious and doesn’t let anything stop her from reaching her goal. I loved how she never backed down and always did what she felt was right.  Jo’s strength and determination was a great contrast to the sullen and snobbish Caroline.

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WILD HORSE (a novelette) by Kyle Richardson #BlogTour & Giveaway!

Grady has found a crack in the wall—a crack to the outside world. But all he knows about life outside the compound comes from books, magazines, and a photograph of a creature that no longer exists. Things change when he meets a girl with raspberry-yellow hair, and a secret that could lead them to a world beyond the walls. A world where their abilities could change everything … or lead them both to ruin. 

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