The Graces and The Curses by Laure Eve

When I came across a copy of The Curses by Laure Eve I was immediately drawn to the cover. It’s this gorgeous green with a beautiful font for the title. It’s also about witches, rich kid problems, and family drama-all of my favorite things. But The Curses is actually book two in the series and after devouring it in one sitting, I really had to know what happened in the first book. Since I read them out of order, I can honestly say that you don’t have to read book one first, but it does provide a lot of insight in to a few of the characters. Both of the books are excellent and were exactly what I was hoping for-magically inclined teenagers with rich kid problems doing magic and creating havoc. It’s just fun reading.

A gorgeous Library copy of The Graces

A gorgeous Library copy of The Graces

The Graces introduces us to the Grace family. Summer, the youngest of the siblings and a headstrong goth kid. Thalia and Fenrin are twins who are gorgeous and wanted by everyone. All the siblings have their own unique style that looks ridiculous on anyone else who tries to copy them. Living in a mansion with their equally gorgeous parents who they are on a first name basis with, the Graces are legendary in their small town. They are a series of contradictions. Incredibly wealthy and powerful, the siblings don’t have cell phones or drive cars. They’re parents don’t mind that they have wine in their bedroom fridges but hate that they own a t.v. For Summer’s birthday, there is a huge party on the beach but for the twins, they throw lavish parties that no one from school is allowed to come to after an “incident” at the twins’ eighth birthday party. Everyone wants to be friends with the Graces but no one ever is.

That is, until River moves to town. River, awkward and friendless, wants what everyone else wants-to be friends with the Graces. When she magically becomes best friends with Summer, their relationship will lead them all down a dark and destructive path. What the Graces don’t know, is that meek and mild River is more powerful than she lets on. It’s with her help that the siblings hope to destroy the Curse that has plagued the Grace family for generations. Unfortunately for them, it’s that wish for happiness that will cause incredible heartbreak for their family.

The story of the Curse and it’s impact on the Grace family continues in book 2, The Curses. Now, if you don’t like spoilers, stop here.

I mean it.


The Curses opens with the resurrection of Wolf, a long time family friend of the Graces. His death was caused by River-maybe accidentally? Maybe not. Now that he’s back, everyone thinks they can go back to normal. But a lot has changed. River isn’t a part of the group anymore. Wolf is acting differently and Fenrin is constantly tired and drained. Someone is granting wishes from the villagers in exchange for money and it’s not a Grace witch doing it.

One thing hasn’t changed though. The siblings are still trying to find a way to end the family curse-no Grace will ever find happiness with a non-witch. Many love matches have ended in horrible deaths and accidents. Even the Grace parents, Gwydion and Esther are an arranged match-not a love match. When the siblings try to track down someone from the family’s past to help end the Curse, an evil greater than they could have imagined is released. More dark family secrets are revealed but old friendships return in time to help save everyone.

I think what I loved the most about these books is the Grace siblings. While they are definitely rich and indulged, they’re not jerks. They have family secrets to protect so they can’t be as open as other teenagers but they’re not mean about it. The siblings are fiercely protective of each other and love each other completely. They are also clearly a product of their environment-they are super wealthy, live in a huge house, have anything they could want, and have nearly zero rules. Could you imagine being 15 and your parents not caring that you have wine in your bedroom?

I really enjoyed these books. They’re a lot of fun and the writing was really engaging.

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Thank you to Netgalley and Amulet Books for the opportunity to read The Curses by Laure Eve. The Graces was borrowed from a local Library. All opinions are always my own. Books bought through the links help support this site.