Changeling by Molly Harper

This was such a fun adventure! This is the first book by Molly Harper that I’ve read and it’s just delightful. It’s also the first in the Sorcery and Society series.

When Sarah Smith, housemaid to a magical Guardian household nearly knocks over a priceless vase, her world is completely turned upside down. Instead of the vase shattering, Sarah sets the vase spinning in midair. Only Sarah doesn't have magic powers. She is part of the Snipes, the non-magical working class of servants and caretakers. In order to avoid a complete scandal Mrs. Winters, the intimidating matriarch of the Winter household, invents a new identity for Sarah, a distant cousin named Cassandra Reed.

Now Cassandra must prove herself to be a haughty, well educated lady of the upper class. Sent to Miss Castwell’s Institute for the Magical Instruction of Young Ladies, Cassandra must hone her powers, avoid dancing at all cost, survive the social complexities of the upper class, and learn where her magical powers came from.

Cassandra has so much to deal with in this book. If anyone finds out that she comes from a Snipe family, her family could be in danger and the Winters could lose everything. Her sister Mary is madly in love with Owen Winters, heir to the Winter household and completely out of her league. When Cassandra and Mrs. Winters meet with the headmistress on the first day of school, Cassandra is dismissed to the library to write a lengthy essay. Left alone and without further direction, she sets off to explore other parts of the large library only to be attacked by a book. Only in a magical library would one need to worry about books attacking you. Only, Cassandra isn’t being attacked. She has been chosen by the Mother Book to become it’s Translator- a sort of magical interpreter of the spells within the book. Now she’s covered in magical tattoos and a mysterious metal dragonfly appears on her palms. Not only is she the mysterious new girl, she’s the Translator.

Luckily for Cassandra, she meets two girls, Ivy and Alicia, both of whom are the school’s social outcasts. Both girls come from wealthy and prominent families, but they have little desire to play the part in petty gossip and school drama. Together, the girls take on the school bullies, an evil Guardian, and learn the value of true friendship.

Full of witty dialogue, magic, and strong female characters, Changeling is a fun look at friendship and the power of kindness.

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Thank you to Netgalley and INscribe Digital for the opportunity to read and review this book. All opinions are my own.