Nose Peckers


Last week, 25 fluffy little chicks joined the farm.  Even though we've had chickens for years now, it's still exciting when the call comes to pick them up from the post office.  And every time we go to pick them up, another customer is shocked that you can send birds through the mail  And every time we have to show them that yes, the birds are fine and yes, they are real. 


The Kid is now old enough that we can hand over the noisy little box and he'll take care of the rest.  Dipping beaks in water, placing them under the heat lamp, making sure the feeder is full-all while the little fluff balls climb all over your feet and get in the way.  


Loki was introduced to his first baby chick.  It started off well.  Loki was calm, interested, gentle.  Then the chick pecked his nose.  Twice.  He moved far too quickly for a good photo, but Loki is really just nursing a sore nose and not licking his chops!  Both dogs check on the chicks during chore time but won't get this close again until the chicks are big enough to wander the yard.