Vacationland by John Hodgman


I've mentioned before that I love podcasts-and I'm not done talking about them.  If you hop on the listening train of Stuff You Missed in History Class, this will will lead you to a detour of Stuff You Should Know, which then will make another stop at Movie Crush, and then you would finally end up at Judge John Hodgman.  We binged multiple episodes on our long drive to Florida.

So of course, I bought the book.  Also, it was all over Instagram.  

John Hodgman gives us a collection of essays covering how and why he has not one, but two vacation homes on the East coast.  This collection should be pretentious and annoying-I mean, he bought a boat! There's a whole essay on how he accidentally bought a boat! Have you ever accidentally bought a boat? No? 

His writing is actually very relatable.  His stories reinforce the idea that there is a group of adults out there who are not born with the innate ability to know everything.  Should cereal go down the garbage disposal? Apparently not.  Should one know where the septic system is? Probably.  Is it ok to talk to your neighbors? Depends on where you live. 

I found the book very enjoyable.  He's written several others and they've  been added to the never ending TBR...



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