Diet for a Changing Climate by Christy Mihaly and Sue Heavenrich

Just this week, the United Nations released a report on climate change that was filled with dire warnings. I won’t go in to the details because I am the furthest thing from an expert you will find. I did this article from the New Yorker to be the most accessible to my non-expert brain. Now that everyone is sufficiently scared, let’s take a more lighthearted approach to our problem.

Let’s eat bugs.

Diet for a Changing Climate is an interesting and informative read on how we can adapt our diet to positively impact our environment. This book is full of facts on "unusual" food sources such as insects, kudzu and foraging for wild greens. Who knew some of the most nutritious additions to our dinner salad are right in our yard? Unfortunately, most of us use toxic chemicals to remove those pesky dandelions and chickweed from our yards. Kudzu, which has taken over the southern states of the U.S. is also a tasty sandwich wrap, tea, and can be used to make jelly.

Did you know stinkbugs taste like apples? No clue. Crickets in your protein bars? I guess…just don’t tell me? I don’t think I’m ready to jump on the bug protein wagon, but if the idea sounds good to you, this book is full of recipes. From how to identify your insect, harvesting, and cooking, this book covers it all.

The authors have included some really great and colorful graphics in this book. There’s plenty of recipes, tips and tricks to incorporating climate friendly food sources into our daily lives.

Equal parts gross and fascinating, this book will show how to change the way we look at invasive species. This would be perfect for the science nut or a budding climatologist in your life. Diet for a Changing Climate: Food for Thought by Christy Mihaly and Sue Heavenrich is available October 1, 2018.

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Full disclosure: I received an advanced copy of this book from the Netgalley and the Publisher, all opinions are my own.