The Sol Majestic by Ferrett Steinmetz

Whenever I find myself reading a long line of heavy books, whether they're for work or pleasure, I love to balance them out with a great space novel.  I want ships, exotic species, new planets and new ideas.  The Sol Majestic gave me all of that plus one of my favorite topics in the world-food.  Food described in exquisite detail.  Food that will change lives, change history, and more importantly, change a person's soul.  Food is one of our world's greatest gifts.  It nourishes us and allows us to live.  It lets us show love, kindness, caring, and hope.  We use food to raise money to pay our bills and support others.  Want people to attend your meeting?  Provide food.  Want people to attend your event/benefit/party/open house/fundraiser?  Provide food.  Many of us take it for granted. It's available everywhere from large scale grocery stores to boutique shops to farmer's markets.  I have a pretty good sized garden by my community's standards-it's 60'x90'-and could be seen as over the top and excessive to others.  It's how I provide my family with gifts of jams, jellies, preserves, and fresh produce throughout the year. 

It may help in the event of zombies.

But what if food could provide the resurgence of a religious movement?  What if food helped you to find the very thing that guides your every thought, every belief, and how you provide guidance to others?  What if food could literally change your life?  That's what happens to Kenna, a young man starving and suffering from his lack of philosophy when he discovers The Sol Majestic.  An ultra exclusive restaurant, one so sought after that reservations are made years in advance, housed inside a remote space station.  When Kenna is allowed the chance to try for the one spot available to anyone, regardless of ability to pay, to dine on rare and exquisite cuisine, he has nothing to lose by trying. 

Kenna's life is changed and in turn, his new found love and fascination with food will change the lives of those around him.  Raised in the belief of Philosophy, he is destined to guide world leaders but is struggling to find his inner true Inevitable Philosophy.  When his ability to find his own Inevitable Philosophy is threatened, Kenna has to make decisions that will impact not only his life, but the lives of those around him. 

This book swept me away to a far off space station that was inhabited by intriguing and compelling characters.  Fast paced, richly detailed, and beautifully written, The Sol Majestic should be on the list of every science fiction reader.

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I was so impressed by this novel that I immediately ordered the 'Mancer Trilogy.

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