Outer Order, Inner Calm by Gretchen Rubin

Outer Order, Inner Calm by Gretchen Rubin

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Outer Order, Inner Calm:  Declutter & Organize to Make More Room for Happiness is the book I’ve needed to jump start my own home organization project.  Gretchen Rubin provides us with practical advice on how to get rid of the excess clutter in our homes to create a more peaceful and thoughtful environment.  Throughout the book, Rubin uses humor and grace to help guide us through the tricky situations of eliminating unwanted items from our home, even if those items are family heirlooms.  

After reading the first half of the book I promptly tackled my office.  Now, my office is a very small space and yet somehow I had managed to pack away two large garbage bags of unneeded papers, outdated electronics, dozens of half-used chapsticks, and assorted junk that had no business being there.  Just disposing of those two bags feels like a huge victory and I’m reading to tackle the next room in need of a giant purging-my bedroom. One of the best tips I took from Rubin’s book was to not try to organize as you are cleaning out a room.  If you focus on eliminating items that aren’t needed first you have fewer items that need organizing. Seems incredibly obvious but seeing on paper really drove the point home.

The book itself is a cute little hardback in shades of calming blue fading into yellows and oranges-a bit like a sunset.  At only 208 pages, it’s the perfect size to keep in your bag or gift to someone special.

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