Death’s Dancer by Jasmine Silvera

Death’s Dancer by Jasmine Silvera

Grace Bloods Book One

Paranormal Romance is one of my all-time favorite genres and this series is now in my top 5.  If the idea of using dance to communicate with gods, hot and sexy necromancers, and incredible writing pique your interest-this one's for you.

Isela Vogel dances for gods.  Through her carefully executed choreography, she is able to draw the attention of the gods and seek requests and favors such as good health and success in business deals for her patrons.  As one of the most successful dancers in the world, Isela is frequently requested by elite clients but when the most powerful necromancer wants her for a powerful spell, Isela’s life and that the lives of those around her is put in terrible danger.  

Azrael is one of the most powerful and feared necromancers and is determined to find the being that has been able to murder five necromancers.  To increase his power for a dangerous spell, Azrael needs Isela and her dancing in order to find the killer.

This book was so good friends!  The writing was incredible and I was immediately sucked into the story.  Isela is great-she’s incredibly smart and confidant and the way that she interacted with her friends and family was really fun to watch.  The dancers at the academy have a really tight knit friendship and it was really lovely to watch everyone care for each other and just genuinely enjoy the company of one another.  There are some big family secrets that come to light for Isela and it ended a really great layer to the story. I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone but it’s a twist that includes one of my favorite paranormal elements.

The relationship between Isela and Azrael was a slow burn that ends with a smoking bed-literally!  There were some great conversations about consent, independance, and respect. Their relationship felt so real-real dialogue, real interactions, just real. Isela has no problem standing up for herself and making her opinions known and think we should go get drinks some time.

I really loved this book and as of this writing, it’s only $2.99 for Kindle!  You can’t pass that one up. Book two, Dancer’s Flame is also available now.

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Full Disclosure Time:  I received a free review copy of this book from the author.  All opinions are, as always, my own.