Little Darlings by Melanie Golding

Little Darlings by Melanie Golding

Available April 30, 2019

If you have ever dealt with postpartum depression, please know that this book deals heavily with this issue.  There is an incidence of potential harm to small children and discussions of mental illness. This book may also be incredibly terrifying for new mothers-there is no way I could have read this in the first year of my child’s birth.  

Little Darlings by Melanie Golding is a chilling, disturbing tale of a new mother, her babies, and an ancient myth that has terrified parents for centuries.  

Following the long and painful birth of her twins, Lauren Tranter is immediately caught up in the constant feeding, changing, and care of her babies.  Exhausted and wrung out mentally, she is devastated to realize her husband has no interest in helping her care for the twins and is overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility now placed solely on her shoulders.  After a terrifying encounter with a woman at the hospital, Lauren is convinced her twins are in danger. Even after the police investigate and find nothing to back up Lauren’s claims, she remains steadfast in her belief that the unidentified woman is after her children.  

Now at home, Lauren cuts off her family from the outside world.  Refusing to leave the house and completely at the mercy of the babies feeding and sleep schedules, Lauren is exhausted and wrung out.  Living on little sleep, bags of chips and cookies, and eventually going so far as to keep her and the babies locked in her bedroom, Lauren is locked in a cycle of fear and paranoia.  Throughout all of this, her husband is only concerned with his own well being and offers criticism, but not help.

After a friend finally confronts Lauren about her behavior and lack of interaction with her friends, Lauren works up the courage to take the children on a play date with the other mothers from her parenting classes.  When Lauren suddenly finds herself waking up on a park bench and the infants nowhere in sight, she becomes hysterical. After the police become involved, dark secrets and betrayals come to light that will turn everyone’s lives upside down.  

This book was absolutely mesmerizing!  I was completely absorbed by every word on the page.  Melanie Golding weaves a magical tale that could be read as horrifying supernatural tale and at the same time, be read as a critical take on the stress and pressure we put on new mothers.  Patrick, Lauren’s husband, is the most worthless piece of trash. He is constantly thinking only of himself, offers no help to Lauren, and can’t tell his own kids apart. When someone finally takes an interest in Lauren’s health and well being, he is instantly concerned about how it will impact him.  Ugh. He’s horrible.

Alongside the story of Lauren, we also have the story of DS Joanna Harper who takes an interest in Lauren’s case and is convinced, even without solid evidence, that Lauren and the twins are in danger.  She is a wonderfully written character that is full of flaws and is willing to break the rules if she feels it’s justified.

This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it for lovers of horror, dark fairy tales, and suspense.  

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