Summoned to Thirteenth Grave

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Summoned to Thirteenth Grave is the epic conclusion to the long running Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones. Told in the same wonderful sarcastic, witty, and oh so snarky style I have grown to love, Charley and Reyes take on the their biggest threat yet all while keeping their relationship ultra steamy and highly caffeinated. 

If you’re new to the Charley Daniels universe, I highly recommend starting from the beginning. This series is equal parts hilarious, snarky and steamy. If your an audiobook lover, this one is amazing on audio! Lorelei King is the perfect narrator for this series and does an outstanding job.

Charley is more than a private investigator, she’s the Grim Reaper. Yes, THAT Grim Reaper. With the help of her best friend and assistant Cookie, Charley solves missing person cases, catches cheating husbands, and solves cold cases with the help of some friendly-and some not so friendly-ghosts. Dealing with hellhounds, demons, and bratty child ghosts requires high doses of coffee and sarcasm. Throughout the series, Charley’s incredibly tight and loyal circle of family and friends grows to include daevas, hellhounds, and a magical guardian in the form of a ghost rottweiler.

If you’re interested in the series, start with book 1. There’s going to be some pretty massive spoilers so stop now if you want to start completely fresh.

After being sent to a hell dimension she not-so-affectionately names Marmalade for an eternity, Charley is back on earth with an even bigger problem. A hell dimension has opened on earth causing a deadly plague to spread rapidly. With the clock ticking, Charley and Reyes have to fight off demons, save their daughter, and keep their family and friends safe. But of course things don’t go smoothly. There’s a suspected serial killer to track down and in doing so, Charley discovers a long-lost relative to Rocket, a friendly ghost who keeps track of the departed. There’s also the ghost of a young boy who claims to be the son of a young woman who went missing a decade earlier. And if this isn’t enough for Charley to deal with, she only has three days to get it all done. Yep, just three short days to save the world so her daughter, most commonly known as Beep, can fight Lucifer and save the world herself. It’s kind of a lot to throw at one person!

The best part of this series is watching Charley interact with those around her. She is fiercely loyal, incredibly protective, and won’t think twice about making a snarky comment about you. Charley is brave and intelligent and has no problem with jumping in to a situation head first. And her husband? The two of them are so hot for each other they melted the Sahara desert. Really. It’s a lake of glass now. I have really loved going on this wild ride with Charley and the crew and Darynda Jones does an excellent job in wrapping it all up.

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Full disclosure time: I received an advanced digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The previous twelve books in the series I borrowed as audiobooks from my local Library. All rambling opinions are my own.