I'd Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel


I’d Rather Be Reading:  The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life is a love letter to readers everywhere. It’s a reassurance that it’s ok to have overflowing bookshelves and never ending piles of books that we couldn’t let languish on a sale rack. It’s an affirmation that no matter how you read-audio, physical, e-reader, book club,in a coffee shop or in line at the store-it’s all equally important.

And, perfectly ok. 

Anne covers everything reading related. From how to select books, proper shelving techniques, and how to not force books on others no matter how good your intentions are. Oh, and how to rearrange your books because the first shelving system didn’t work. And then, change it again. 

Her words on never ending TBR piles spoke volumes to me. I have 37 physical books I want to read on the two shelves next to me right now. 37! That I have paid for and can’t wait to get to. I also have 7 advance digital copies and 4 paperbacks that come out next month to read-and hopefully they’re great so I can share them with you. Not to mention Book of the Month and oh, yeah, I work at a library. So I completely understand never ending TBR lists.

Anne writes of her love of the library and how living next door to one shaped her as a reader and an adult. How a library can help fuel passions and help discover new interests. 
I’d Rather Be Reading is a slim volume about the true love of reading life.

Anne has another book, Reading People:  How Seeing the World Through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything, that was published last year and definitely worth checking out.  Not only does Anne have a thing for long titles, she has a gift for gorgeous book covers that look amazing on your shelves.  

You can also find her on one of my favorite bookish podcasts, What Should I Read Next, where she provides book recommendations to readers facing the biggest obstacle-what should I read next?  It's actually the first book related podcast I started listening to and it is truly a delight to listen to other readers gush about the books they love.  

I'd Rather Be Reading is available now, and available wherever you buy books. You can get your copy, and help support the site, here: 


Also, as of this morning, Anne's book Reading People is available on Kindle for $2.99 this morning!