Night and Silence by Seanan McGuire

Available September 4, 2018

When October “Toby” Daye, knight errant in service to the Court of Shadowed HIlls finds her human ex-husband and his new wife on her doorstep, she knows it can only mean trouble.  Toby’s mortal daughter Gillian has been taken and not only is she in danger, but it could also bring to light secrets that Toby needs to stay hidden. Along with her closest friends and fiancé, Toby sets out to discover who in faery knows of Gillian’s existence and why they would dare to threaten her.  

But Toby's team is still healing from their last adventure.  Tybalt, King of Dreaming Cats and Toby's fiancé, was brutally tortured by Toby's mother and must deal with his own emotions and recovery.  Can their relationship continue after all the hurt?  Will Gillian's kidnapping be the tipping point?  Added to all the stress, Toby has not been present in Gillian's life. In order to keep her safe from the fae and prevent her death from elf-shot, Toby used her blood magic to turn Giliian fully human.  Dealing with her ex-husband and his new wife, and why does she look so familiar, is incredibly hard on Toby.  With accusations on from both sides being thrown back and forth, everyone will need to put aside the past in order to save Gillian's future.   

But as more clues unfold, the mystery only becomes deeper and the list of who and what Toby can trust becomes smaller.  If Gillian can be saved, at what cost?

I really enjoyed this book.  It's the first one in the series that I've read and I plan on fixing that mistake very soon!  Even though it's book 12, I didn't feel like I was missing out on any backstory or had any difficulty following along.  I found the mix of magic and faery, the setting of San Fransico, and the history of the fae and mortals to be very well thought out and engrossing.  An amazing story full of fae politics, lore, and magic that keeps the pages turning from beginning to end.

I highly recommend this series.  Night and Silence is available September 4, 2018. You can preorder your copy, and help support the site, here:

Thank you to the publisher, Berkley Publishing Group-DAW and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.  While I received a free copy in return for a review, all opinions are my own.