Born Scared by Kevin Brooks

Born Scared is a gripping and heartbreaking look at childhood mental illness. Elliott was born scared. Born premature and a twin, he loses his sister within moments of their birth and begins his life in terror of everything around him. People, cars, animals, and even colors terrify Elliott. But his mother has created a safe environment for him in his home where he lives of most of his life in his bedroom, rarely venturing out. But a mix-up at the pharmacy leaves Elliott with the wrong prescription and fixing that mistake will lead Elliott and his mother on a series of devastating events.

Born Scared was absolutely heartbreaking but also very inspiring. I spent much of the book thinking of Elliott's mother-there isn't much written about her because the focus is on Elliott-and how she must cope with Elliott's fears. Elliott is literally scared of everything. Everything but the three people closest to him. But even through Elliott's fears, he is still able to gather the courage to leave the safety of his home to find out what has happened to his mother and aunt.

Excellent, excellent story.

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