Sheets by Brenna Thummler

Marjorie Glatt has a lot on her plate.  School, taking care of her brother, running the family laundry business, sleazy businessmen, and ghosts.  She definitely doesn’t have time for ghosts.

After the death of her mother, Marjorie’s father shut down and began drinking away his grief.  This leaves Marjorie to deal with everything on her own. She’s left to care for her little brother, the housework, and the stress of high school.  

If the family is to stay afloat, Marjorie has to become the sole employee of the family laundry.  Hurrying home from school, Marjorie has to deal with impatient customers who have no sympathy for a high schooler trying to run a business and go to school.  Not only does Marjorie have to work long in to the night to get all the orders completed, she has to deal with the most disgusting and juvenile of sleazy businessmen.  Mr. Saubertuck has dreams of turning the Glatt’s Laundry in to a spa resort. True to his gross form, he doesn’t want to provide an actual business offer, instead he tries to sabotage the business by spreading rumors and tainting the laundry detergent with dye.  Unfortunately for Marjorie, his attempts at sabotage are beginning to work.

With her business constantly threatened by a shady businessman, Marjorie is at the breaking point and the last thing she needs is a ghost named Wendell. Wendell died when he was only 11 and is very lonely living in the land of ghosts.  When he discovers that Saubertuck is trying to ruin Marjorie’s business, he tries to help her out. But his attempts at helping don’t go as planned. When the other ghosts learn that he has made contact with a living person, he is faced with devastating consequences.  

Full disclosure:  I received a free advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own. 

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