Saturday is Swimming Day by Hyewon Yum

I'm a sucker for beautiful illustrations and I fell in love with Saturday is Swimming Day for that very reason.  But this book is more than some pretty drawings.  It's also a very sweet story about some things in life can be very scary, but with the right people and encouragement, we can do anything we set our minds to.  

A little girl has swimming lessons on Saturday but her stomach hurts so she really shouldn't go.  Her mom checks her over and doesn't find anything wrong so she gets her swimming suit packed and off to lessons they go.  Luckily, our little girl has a very understanding teacher and lets her sit by the pool while she waits for her stomach to feel better.  But it never feels better so she never gets in the pool.  

When the next Saturday comes around, our little girl has another stomach ache.  This time, her teacher offers to hold her so she can practice some swimming like the other kids.  With help and guidance, our little girl gains the confidence she needs to not be scared of the pool.  

With beautiful illustrations and simple text, this story will be very helpful to little ones who need some extra help feeling confident.  

Saturday is Swimming Day is available now from Candlewick Press.  You can get your copy, and help support the site, here: