Mae Vol. 1 by Gene Ha

Loved this!

Mae's big sister Abbie disappeared nine years ago without a trace. Now in the present day, Mae is trying to live her life and take care of her sick father when a phone call from the police changes everything. Abbie is back without any warning and in jail for beating up some of the local boys at a bar. In what Mae believes is a drunken rambling story, Abbie tells her about being made Queen and overthrowing tyrants and that she carries axes to defend against monsters.  What really sounds crazy?  That she's been somewhere without a McDonald's.  Yep.  But Mae doesn't believe her sister found a new world through a mysterious portal-just found a new favorite drink at the bar. When Mae and Abbie's father goes missing, all clues point to the House of Zemetrasi from the other side of the portal. With no other options left, Mae and Abbie set out for the portal to find their missing father. Mae enters a world far different than her own where her sister is a famed warrior and chocolate is worth it's weight in silver. This is an action packed ride full of humor and heart. Amazing artwork and a compelling story that draws you in until the last page.

Mae Vol. 1 is available July 3rd from Lion Forge.

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