It was a week.

Not surprising to anyone, but eye infections are a major drag.  It's been a struggle to keep my eye open, let alone look at a screen for nearly a week now.  Luckily, my house is overflowing with actual, physical, non-electronic books and I hid in the near dark and read.  A lot. 


This book was delightful! I needed to finish up the last of my Library budget and chose to focus on Middle Grade Mysteries since I hadn't bought any in a while and I'm so glad to have found this series.  It follows Ada Byron and Mary Godwin, yep those two, as they found the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency.  The author plays with history and timelines a bit-the girls are 9 and 12 when the series begins, but he's upfront about that.  The girls have all sorts of adventures and there's quite a bit of historical name-dropping.  Very funny and light-perfect for a middle grade reader. 



Beastly Bones  is the second book in the Jackaby series and just as good as the first. Abigail and Jackaby are sent to investigate a mysterious murder at the request of their old friend Charlie, and end up with a much bigger problem on their hands.  Much bigger.  There's shape-shifting kittens, dinosaur bones, and a tough as nails reporter who gives Abigail some much needed advice.  Meanwhile, a mysterious character seems to be hanging on the fringes of each unusual case and Jenny is forced to face her past.  


I am huge sucker for a sale so when Book of the Month had their first month for $5 last month I jumped on it.  I chose Anomaly by Michael Rutger and I was not disappointed.  Somewhere I heard it compared it to Indiana Jones meets Dan Brown and that was spot on.  Nolan Moore is the star of web based myth hunting show.  He and his team are looking for a mysterious cavern that was originally found decades earlier but terrified the initial crew so much that they bricked in the entrance and warned others to never look for it.  When Nolan and his crew finally find the cavern-they discover they are in way over their heads.  It was fast paced, full of action, and just on this side of believable to make for a really enjoyable read.  

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