Flashback: Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn by Ryan Heshka



This book is not for the faint of heart.  If swearing, drinking, violence and badass women are not your thing-don't pick up this book. 

It's my thing and I absolutely loved it!  I found this book after my boss circled it in one of our independent publishing catalogs we get at the Library.  She knows me well.  

From the back cover-because it's the best:  "The lascivious ladies of the Mean Girls Club have been raising a riot around town, and the cops are onto them.  Prepare for a mad-dash of boozing, skull-busting, and general mid-century mayhem as they deliver a swift stiletto-stab to the crotch of the patriarchy."

 These ladies are done with being used and hurt by others.  When their latest raid on the town gets too close to the Mayor and his pocketbook, the mayor blackmails his mechanic, the beautiful and vulnerable Roxy, to infiltrate the club and help take them down.  All Roxy wants is the vital and expensive medicine that her Grandpa needs to survive.  Left with little choice, Roxy approaches the clubhouse and is met with all the ladies and their guns.  But luckily for Roxy, the club's car Black Betsy was damaged during their last firefight with the police.  After repairing the car and then showing off her fighting skills when she's attacked by Wanda, Roxy spends the rest of the night in a drug and booze filled initiation where she learns all the backstories on the ladies and what fuels their obsession with taking down the patriarchy. 

Meanwhile, we learn that the disgusting Mayo Schlomo is in league with two cult leaders who are brainwashing the town's young girls into being subservient slaves.  When the cult leaders and the mayor set up a decency league called Reclaim Our Town, or R.O.T., the Mean Girls know they have to step in and do something.  Unfortunately, it's a trap and Roxy helped set it.  The Girls aren't led away quietly, in fact, Wanda's lines on page 58 are pretty amazing.  

The Mean Girls are now lined up in the execution chamber on display for the town to see.  At the same time, sick over her actions against the Club, Roxy finds herself at the clubhouse drinking away her grief.  When she stumbles upon the journal that tells of the club's beginnings, Roxy knows she has to do something to save the women. 

This book is so intense!  These women are not holding back anything.  The art and the writing are amazing and it's very tempting to buy another copy so I can cut some pages out and frame them.  

It's so good!

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