Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai

I mean, that cover!  

I mean, that cover!  

Wrong to Need You, book #2 in the Forbidden Hearts series is the steamy follow up to her book Hate to Want You.  Both books are amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on the third book, Hurts to Love You which just came out last week.  I listened to so many people rave about the first book and the author that I had to find out what was causing such a fuss.  They were all correct-the author and the book are both incredible.  I first heard about Alisha on episode 271 of Smart Podcast Trashy Books which caused me to look like an idiot while walking the dogs in the hay field all while constantly giggling.  Alisha is also a great person to follow on social-I follow her on Twitter.  

So, the book.  It's not entirely necessary to read #1 before reading #2 but it's also an amazing book so just read it first.  

Jackson Kane is back in town after years of traveling the world and avoiding his family.  Between a false accusation, family drama, and small town pettiness, Jackson had good reason to stay away.  But he came back for his twin sister Livvy and had no intention of staying for long.  After seeing his sister-in-law Sadia, who is now a widow, he realizes that his feelings from years ago never left.  Unfortunately for him, Sadia lets loose ten years of anger and frustration at his lack of communication both when his nephew was born and when his brother died. 

Sadia also does not have time to deal with an incredibly handsome older version of her former best friend.  Between being a restaurant owner, part-time bartender, and full-time single mom, Sadia doesn't have time for anything.  But her restaurant needs a new chef and it just so happens that is what Jackson has been doing for the last decade-traveling the world with his successful pop-up restaurant business.  

Alisha Rai has this amazing ability to write incredibly real and authentic characters.  I spent most of the book nodding along with Sadia's character thinking, "Oh yes, I hear you!"  Being a mom is hard! Owning a business is challenging enough without having a second job on top of that.  Feeling guilty about wanting to take care of yourself-completely relatable.  I just love her characters.  I really loved the dynamics of the big families and all the drama that comes with them.  Sadia has a lot of sisters.  A lot.  All of them are beautiful and highly successful and more than willing to help out with taking care of their nephew.  But trying to balance everyone's expectations can be emotionally and physically draining. 

Jackson's family is very complicated.  Very.  

And steamy.  This book is so steamy! 

So Sadia finds life easier with Jackson working at the restaurant and Jackson finds being an uncle is actually a great gig.  When old secrets are revealed, both have to figure out how to handle the consequences and how to move forward.  

This book was amazing! Highly recommend! 

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