This is a taco! by Andrew Cangelose

This is a taco! is available May 1. 2018.  

This is a taco! is available May 1. 2018.  

Poor Taco, he only agreed to be in this book because he thought there would be tacos!  Instead, he has to deal with an author who wants him to fill his cheeks with food (but not tacos), show how he can rotate his ankles backwards, and climb really high trees.  When the author goes on to tell us how hawks hunt squirrels, Taco has had enough.  He's going to use his own words to write the story his way and his way includes tacos. Lots of tacos.  

The story is silly and fun and the illustrations are wonderful.  Especially where Taco crosses out the author's words and includes his own.  This would make for a run read-aloud or story time book.  Really enjoyed this one.  

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This Is a Taco!
By Andrew Cangelose