A Conspiracy in Belgravia by Sherry Thomas

A Conspiracy in Belgravia, book 2 in The Lady Sherlock Series, is available now from Sherry Thomas. 

A Conspiracy in Belgravia, book 2 in The Lady Sherlock Series, is available now from Sherry Thomas. 

Do you ever have those books that you have to preorder but then put off reading because if you read it now, it's that much longer before the next book comes out?  I know, it doesn't make sense logically or mathematically, but I do it anyways.  I've had this book for months and I've finally given in and read it.  And then the ending happened. 

The ending!  I was mad and sad and excited and frustrated and I NEED THE NEXT BOOK!!!

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Charlotte Holmes, along with her friend and assistant Mrs. Watson, has been quite successful with her investigative business.  Posing as "Sherlock" Holmes, she has handled all types of cases.  One day, a message comes from a new client that could break Charlotte's cover-and end a long-time friendship.  

Lady Ingram, married to Charlotte's friend and not-so-secret crush Lord Ingram, has come to Sherlock Holmes to help find a lost love.  Years before, knowing that marriage would never be an option, Lady Ingram makes a pact to pass by the same spot every year to see her former love.  For the first time, he does not show.  Worried that something terrrible has happened to him, Lady Ingram asks "Sherlock" to help find him.  Who is this former flame that Lady Ingram can't get over?  Charlotte's half-brother Myron Finch, who Charlotte has never met.  

Charlotte is now forced to decide between loyalty to her business, her family, and her friend Lord Ingram.  Throughout the investigation, Charlotte learns more about her brother, recieves a surprise marriage proposal, her sister falls in love, and barely escapes an attempted abduction. 

I love this series.  There are only two books so far but they are so fast paced and entertaining that it feels like there are more.  Sherry Thomas writes a great mystery and she can really keep you guessing all the way to the end.  I also really enjoy the way the women in this book work together to not just look out for each other, but how they really care about and support each other.  Livia Holmes, Charlotte's sister, is a great character.  She is still at home, dealing with parents who really don't like her or understand her.  She is determined to follow her passion and write the adventures of "Sherlock Holmes" but is kept back due to society's rules.  I've really enjoyed watching her character grow and I'm eager to see what happens next with her.  

Love this series-just read it, you won't be disappointed.  

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