Favorite Reads

When I found out I was pregnant with my son, it was mid-summer and that odd  gardening time where there isn't much to do but wait and let things grow.  I was still a teacher then and had plenty of time to myself.  I also needed to take things easy for a few weeks.

So I read. A lot.

I think I plowed through every Amanda Quick, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Jayne Castle book the Library owned at the time.  All three names belong to the same author and they cover her different writing styles.  

Amanda Quick is the named used for her historical novels.  I love these-they are everything that a historical romance should be.  Gorgeous dress descriptions, society rules, rakes and ruined women.  Her latest, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, was set in 1930's California and was an absolute delight to read. 

Just a few Library copies of Amanda Quick's best novels. 

Just a few Library copies of Amanda Quick's best novels. 

Jayne Ann Krentz writes contemporary romance, mysteries, and thrillers.  Many of her books take place on the northwest coast, especially in Washington state.  Her books always contain a smart and independent female lead.

Absolutely, Positively  love  All Night Long

Absolutely, Positively love All Night Long

Jayne Castle books are my favorite.  These are sci-fi/fantasy reads that are set in the future.  The Harmony series is one of my favorites.  Humans find an energy veil/rift that they cross through to another world.  A world full of glowing stones, magical amber, and psychic abilities.  And dustbunnies.  Lots of dustbunnies.  

I think she has a type

I think she has a type

Many of her books are written as series, giving you time to watch the characters really grow and develop.  Her series that include all three pen names are my favorites.  It's fun as a reader to find clues written in the historical novel that leads to solving the puzzle in the futuristic novels.  

Who is your favorite author?