Most of the 2018 Rebecca Caudill Master List.

Most of the 2018 Rebecca Caudill Master List.

Last week, I finally put in the order for the 2018 Rebecca Caudill books I didn't already have on the shelf. Every one of these books looks amazing and now my TBR has been increased, again.  

Rebecca Caudill was an award winning children's author.  Born in Kentucky in 1899, she became a well-educated teacher and writer, earning a bachelor's degree from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia and a Master's degree from Vanderbilt University.  Her first published children's book went on to become a Junior Library Guild selection.  

Each year schools, teachers, students, school librarians and media specialists and public librarians nominate books to be evaluated by the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Book Award Evaluator's Committee.  Those nominations are then whittled down to the 20 book Master List that is released each year.  There are many rules about what books can be nominated, such as publication dates, the person nominating the books has to have read it, and all books must appeal to children in grades 4-8.  

While re-shelving last year's books to make way for the new, I noticed several repeat authors.  I have more reading to do before I commit to how I feel about that.  Diversity in authors is always welcome-in fact, it's necessary for a well curated collection.  

It's my goal to read through the entire 2018 Master List this year.  You'll see my favorites in Chick Picks as they get read.