HiLo 1 & 2 by Judd Winick


Guest Post by The Kid

This book series is a good series for young readers and some adults too.  It's a bout a kid that came from outer space.  A boy named D.J. discovers HiLo in a crater.  The two kids become best friends and fight Razorwark, an alien who ruins galaxies and destroys worlds.  

There is a cat named Polly who is from a distant galaxy and part of the Furback Clan.  She is the goofy person of this story.  She talks like Sherlock Holmes and Thor.

There is also a robotic assistant named Beamer who was Rant until HiLo fixed him and made him friendly.  Rants are evil robots that Razorwark sent to Earth.  

Gina is D.J.'s best friend and lives in D.J.'s neighborhood.  She is the problem solver of the group and keeps the boys from doing stupid stuff.    

These books are very funny and weird.  Weird in a good way.  


If I had known that starting a book blog would get The Kid to talk to me about books, I would have started this years ago!  I didn't anticipate how much fun he would have discussing the book and being in charge of the pictures.  M

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