Bruja Born by Zoraida Cordova

This book was everything I was hoping for and more!  Lula Mortiz is a high school senior on her way to the big game with her boyfriend when her world turns upside down.  After a horrific bus crash that kills all of her friends and nearly herself and boyfriend Maks, Lula uses her magic in ways that can only lead to devastating consequences.  With the help of her magical sisters, Lula must use all of her strength to save her city, her family, and herself.

This book was amazing!  Lula and her sisters are strong, intelligent, and brave young women who use their wits and combined magical history to save their family and right the terrible wrongs created by a moment of weakness.  The nonstop action combined with Lula’s heartache over Maks and worry for her family’s safety creates a compelling and exciting story.  This hit all the right notes-witches, not-quite-zombies, vampires, hunters and family drama.  Such an amazing story and I really hope there is a book three!

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Bruja Born (Brooklyn Brujas)
By Zoraida Cordova